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Breakaway Broadcast has been replaced with BreakawayOne Basic FM
For more details: http://www.breakawayone.com/


Product Code: BAFM-001

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One Computer, One Instance
One Computer, Two Instances [Add $199.00]
One Computer, Three Instances [Add $298.00]
One Computer, Four Instances [Add $417.00]

Breakaway Broadcast has been replaced with BreakawayOne Basic FM
For more details: http://www.breakawayone.com/

The first true world-class Broadcast Audio processor in software, for FM, AM and all forms of Digital Broadcasting.

The difference in quality compared to leading hardware processors is amazing -- where other processors strain and fall apart, Breakaway Broadcast Processor is loud and clear -- even with extremely difficult instruments like xylophones. The result is a broadcast with volume and punch that dominates the competition, with a clarity that they cannot possibly achieve with competing hardware products.

With a 2- or 4-instance license, you can run multiple instances on the same computer, to process (for example) FM, Web, Low bit rate and High bit rate streams separately!

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64-bit).
You must install Breakaway Pipeline 4.15 after installing Breakaway Broadcast on Windows 8 or 10.

Even better together:
Bundle with Breakaway Live - for Low Latency studio monitoring!
Bundle with MpxTool (web site) - Modulation Monitoring Software - very useful for calibrating Breakaway Broadcast.
Add an extra instance to your existing Broadcast Audio Processor:

  • Advanced Distortion Cancelled Clipping back-end, for
  • unprecedented clarity on FM, while being competitively loud. It's
  • significantly cleaner sounding than anything on the market -- $10000+
  • boxes included.
  • PHASE LINEAR from beginning to end, to maintain waveform fidelity even with pre-distorted CDs
  • Pre-emphasis (75 / 50us for FM, 25 / 15us for webcasting)
  • Adaptive asynchronous sample rate conversion (Input 44100 - 192000, Output 44100 - 192000)
  • FM Stereo Encoder (MPX), with Pilot+RDS input for using an external RDS encoder, or Airomate RDS software.
  • Line-up tones: 400hz, 1000hz, 60hz Square, Sweep, and Bessel Null tones
  • Adjustable Tilt correction, separate for L/R and MPX outputs
  • Phase Linear Parametric EQ for the MPX output, to compensate for sound-card frequency response
  • Defeatable L/R output de-emphasis -- so you can preview the audio with your regular sound card
  • Three breakaway pipelines -- for easy interfacing to any software on your computer, both input and output.