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Breakaway Broadcast ASIO

Before placing your order, please download the Broadcast ASIO installer from the ClaessonEdwards.com website. Even though the application will be operating in trial-mode, before the purchase, it is fully functional. Please evaluate the application and be sure that it meets your requirements before making the purchase.

Click here to download the fully functional installer.
Our Price: $299.00

Product Code: BBP-ASIO

This is the Low Latency ASIO version, and requires an ASIO-compatible sound card! Make sure to try the demo thoroughly to make sure it works on your hardware..
Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the first true world-class Broadcast Audio processor in software, for FM, AM and all forms of Digital Broadcasting.

The difference in quality compared to leading hardware processors is amazing -- where other processors strain and fall apart, Breakaway Broadcast Processor is loud and clear -- even with extremely difficult instruments like xylophones. The result is a broadcast with volume and punch that dominates the competition, with a clarity that they cannot possibly achieve with competing hardware products.

Even better together:
Bundle with Breakaway Live - for Low Latency studio monitoring!

  • Advanced Distortion Cancelled Clipping back-end, for unprecedented clarity on FM, while being competitively loud. It's significantly cleaner sounding than anything on the market -- $10000+ boxes included.

  • Low Latency mode can yield latency as low as 17ms or below, microphone to airwaves!

  • Processed Studio Output can yield latency as low as 8ms or below!

  • Phase Linear mode is PHASE LINEAR from beginning to end, to maintain waveform fidelity even with pre-distorted CDs

  • Pre-emphasis (75us / 50us selectable)

  • Supports 192000 Hz sampling rate, or 48000 Hz sampling rate if you don't need MPX output.

  • FM Stereo Encoder (MPX), with Pilot+RDS input for using an external RDS encoder, or Airomate RDS software.
  • Line-up tones: 400hz, 1000hz, 60hz Square, Sweep, and Bessel Null tones
  • Adjustable Tilt correction, separate for L/R and MPX outputs

  • In Phase Linear mode, Phase Linear Parametric EQ for the MPX output, to compensate for sound-card frequency response

  • Defeatable L/R output de-emphasis -- so you can preview the audio with your regular sound card

  • ITU BS.1770 loudness meters as input meters, for convenient at-a-glance level indication