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Breakaway Live

Before placing your order, please download the Breakaway Live installer from the ClaessonEdwards.com website. Even though the application will be operating in trial-mode, before the purchase, it is fully functional. Please evaluate the application and be sure that it meets your requirements before making the purchase.
Click here to download the installer.
Our Price: $129.00

Product Code: LIVE-001

Breakaway processing for studio, mastering, microphones, monitoring, live use, and any form of digital broadcasting.
LOW LATENCY - realtime monitoring capable. Below 10ms with ASIO sound card.
KS/DS/Wave/ASIO support
CPU efficient usage (roughly one tenth of BBP)
Multiple stereo processors in one - up to 8 stereo processors licensable
Almost all BBP presets, and two new microphone processing presets
DSP effect and encoder plug-in support.

Not compatible with Windows 8 or WIndows 10.

$129 for single-instance stereo processing (single-instance = 1-core or 1 stereo channel)

Even better together:
Breakaway Live and Breakaway Broadcast Processor bundle - Use Breakaway Broadcast to drive the transmitter, and Breakaway Live to drive the studio monitors!

(BBP can receive audio directly from Breakaway Live. To use, select Live in the input interface selection in BBP.)