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BAP-002   Breakaway Audio Enhancer version 1.3
BAP-003   Breakaway Audio Enhancer version 1.4
B1BAM   BreakawayOne Basic AM processing core
B1BFM   BreakawayOne Basic FM processing core
B1FAM   BreakawayOne Full AM processing core
B1FFM   BreakawayOne Full FM processing core
B1HD   BreakawayOne HD processing core
B1LW   BreakawayOne Livewire/AES67
B1MG   BreakawayOne Management
B1PT   BreakawayOne Pass-through core
B1RDS   BreakawayOne RDS for FM cores
B1SLL   BreakawayOne Separate Low Latency
B1SE   BreakawayOne Streaming Encoder
B1LicenseReissue   fee to reissue an existing BreakawayOne license
B1HDtoBFM   replace HD with Basic FM
B1SSLtoB1SE   replace Separate Low Latency with Streaming Encoder
B1FAMupgrade   to upgrade from Basic AM to Full AM
B1FFMupgrade   to upgrade from Basic FM to Full FM

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