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BreakawayOne Management
BreakawayOne Management

Our Price: $99.00

Product Code: B1MG

Management Package
Full, direct IP remote control through BaRemote. Allow BreakawayOne to run as a service for improved stability and site security. Also includes a Watchdog to avoid dead air. When the Streaming Encoder option(purchased separately) is enabled, the maximum encoder count is increased from 4 to 6.

Price is per computer.

The management package applies to all cores – so if you have multiple HD / FM on one machine, you pay only once.

    • Full, direct IP remote control through BaRemote, including Outbound Connection to go through a firewall at the processor site.
    • BaRemote include file recorders and client audio, for streaming any audio patch point to you remotely. Also includes Remote software updating.
    • HTTP server, useful for automation.
    • Running as a Service. This improves audio stability (realtime priority) and site security, as no user needs to be logged into the machine.
    • Dual Stream Receiver with Standby Backup – one per processing core. A robust, constant (adjustable) delay Icecast/Shoutcast receiver for use as the input source.
    • Main input becomes backup, for a local playout system.
    • Diversity Delay, up to 10 seconds. For keeping synchronized across different broadcast mediums.
    • Watchdog – can execute any command after prolonged silence, to for example restart your automation system or your computer.
    • IP address management.